About us

How were QUBTRIX blocks born?
The story of our blocks began in the charming village of Chomranice in the Nowy Sącz region. In 2019, Daniel Pociecha, grandson of a carpenter and father of five children, designed and made the first models of wooden blocks. He wanted to give children an ecological, safe and attractive toy that combines tradition with modernity.

Why did he choose wood in particular?
In his own words – because wood has a soul and people feel this when they touch wooden objects. The smell and the texture of the cut resinous wood have a soothing effect on the senses, taking us involuntarily back to the days when we played with wooden blocks as children.
The value of wood toys made in the family woodworking workshop is their uniqueness. Each block is different – a different texture and colour. The toy is natural, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Simply a source of creation encased in a wooden form.

Why did he decide to combine the wooden QUBTRIX with the popular plastic blocks?
My children loved playing with LEGO blocks. We had plenty of them in our house. I thought it would be a good idea to combine the two systems so that while the children were playing, they could develop their creativity by coming up with incredible wood and plastic constructions.

Daniel’s idea first materialised in the form of drawings. Then, one day, in the family carpentry workshop, he came up with a toy that stood out for its unique connection system, making it possible to create hybrid structures made of wooden and plastic blocks. This was the birth of the innovative QUBTRIX blocks – compatible with blocks from other manufacturers.

QUBTRIX proved to be a great hit. Building with completely different types of blocks was attractive to children of all ages. Parents, on the other hand, appreciated the fact that the toy was natural, aesthetically made and versatile – it was possible to create constructions composed solely of QUBTRIX blocks, but also to combine them with popular plastic blocks, large quantities of which are found in almost every home.

In 2020, the two enthusiasts of combining traditional, simple solutions with the latest technology – Maciej Nowosielski and Michał Kwiatkowski – joined the project. The growing interest in QUBTRIX blocks among parents and children, as well as the need to raise funding to develop the technology, led us to establish the WooBrick brand.

What do the creators of the WooBrick brand expect from their blocks?
In their words – that children and adults alike will have as much fun playing with them as we do designing and creating blocks in the carpentry workshop in the village of Chomranice.

How are QUBTRIX blocks made?
QUBTRIX blocks are the work of a team of enthusiasts for traditional solutions and new technologies. We design the pads, pins and bushings, and in a small workshop we produce the pads from beech wood.

Our priorities are safety and children’s enjoyment of a natural, aesthetic and creative toy. That is why we take great care to ensure the highest quality of workmanship of each block component at all stages of production. QUBTRIX do not contain chemical additives in the form of varnishes or other coating substances.

Before QUBTRIX gets into the hands of children, they go through a series of production stages from seasoning the beech wood, cutting the lumber, milling, drilling the holes, assembling the sleeves and final quality control of the product. The proprietary fastening system used in our blocks has been filed for patent protection.
We are proud to offer children a classic wooden toy in a modern form, combining tradition with innovative technological solutions. Thanks to this, young constructors can create freely, developing creativity, logical thinking and spatial imagination.

And all for the love of children, nature and a life full of passion.