Terms and conditions of the online shop

General provisions

1.1. These terms and conditions set out the rules for the use of the QUBTRIX online shop, available at www.qubtrix.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Shop”).
1.2. The shop is operated by WooBrick sp. z o.o. based in Chomranice 31, 33-394 Chomranice registered in the Register of Companies under NIP: 7343568212 (hereinafter referred to as “Seller”).
1.3. Use of the Shop implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions in their entirety.
1.4. The products available in the Shop are free from physical and legal defects.


2.1. The shop offers sales of products.
2.2. Orders can be placed through the Shop in accordance with the posted instructions.
2.3 In order for the order to be processed, the Customer must provide data to verify the identity of the Customer and the recipient of the shipment. The shop will confirm acceptance of the order by sending a confirmation by e-mail or by contacting you by telephone. The shop reserves the right to refuse an order, limit the available payment options or demand prepayment if the order raises reasonable doubts as to the accuracy and reliability of the data provided or the payment method.
2.4. The information given on the Shop’s website concerning a product, in particular the price, product description, features, components included in the set and the time and method of delivery, shall constitute binding information for the parties at the time of placing an order.
2.5. The information contained on the Shop’s pages is for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. By placing an order, the customer makes an offer to purchase the specified goods. The sales contract is concluded when the Seller confirms the order.
2.6. In the event that the order cannot be fulfilled, the Seller will inform the Customer of this fact and refund any prepayment made.

Pricing and Payment

3.1. The prices of products and services visible in the Shop are expressed in Polish zloty (PLN) and include the applicable VAT.
3.2. Delivery costs are taken into account separately and depend on the chosen delivery method.
3.3. The customer can choose one of the available payment methods, such as payment card, bank transfer or cash on delivery.
3.4. If electronic payment is selected, the customer will be redirected to the payment system’s website, where he or she will complete the transaction.
3.5. Upon receipt of payment, the Seller will begin processing the order.

Shipping of goods

4.1 The shop sends the ordered goods via courier companies (DPD or InPost).
4.2. Orders are delivered to the address provided by the customer when placing the order.
4.3. Delivery times depend on the delivery method chosen and the location of the Customer.
4.4. Delivery costs are visible when placing an order and are included in the cart.
4.5. The customer is obliged to check the consignment on receipt and report any damage or discrepancies within 7 days of receiving the order.


5.1. The Customer’s complaint shall be considered on the basis of the Customer’s presentation of proof of purchase of the goods (fiscal receipt or VAT invoice).
5.2. The customer has a right of complaint in the event of a defective product or inadequate service.
5.3. Complaints should be reported to the e-mail address or telephone number provided by the Seller.
5.2 In the case of non-conformity of the products with the contract, the Customer should send back to the Store the products complained of together with a description of the defect.
5.3 The Seller undertakes to consider the complaint within 14 days of receipt and to inform the Customer of the outcome of the complaint procedure. If verification of the defect requires the opinion of an expert or representative of the manufacturer of the products, the time for the Store to make a decision may be extended by the time it takes to obtain such an opinion. The shop will ensure that an appropriate opinion is obtained as soon as possible in order to reliably assess the defect reported by the customer.
5.4 If the handling of a justified complaint involves the delivery of a new product to the Customer or the rectification of a defect, the costs of delivery shall be borne by the Shop. This includes the cost of shipping and any additional services to repair or replace the product.
5.5 Individual settings of the Customer’s computer and monitor which may lead to incorrect or distorted display of product information (e.g. colours) do not constitute grounds for complaint. The customer is aware that differences in the appearance of the product may be due to individual settings of the device and not to a defect in the product.

Right of termination

6.1 In accordance with the regulations of the Act of 2 March 2000. on the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a product, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract.
6.2 The right of withdrawal shall be effective if the Customer submits a declaration of termination to the Shop within 10 days of receipt of the goods. The declaration of termination may be made in written or electronic form.
6.3 The Customer has the right to return the products to the Store within 14 days from the date of the declaration of withdrawal. Returned products should be intact, complete and in their factory packaging, with no signs of use. The delivery costs associated with the return of the products shall be borne by the customer.
6.4 Within 3 working days of receipt, the Shop will check the condition of the returned product.
6.5 Within 7 days of inspecting the products, the Shop will refund the Customer the amount paid minus the costs of processing the order. The customer should indicate the bank account number to which the repayment amount is to be transferred.
6.6 In the event of a breach by the Customer of the terms and conditions set out in Para. 2 and 3 above, the declaration of withdrawal shall be invalid, the goods shall not be returned and the Shop shall not refund the Customer the amount paid.
6.7 The Customer shall not have the right of termination in the case set out in Art. 10 para. 3 of the Act referred to in para. 1 above, i.e. in relation to:
a) the provision of services which commenced with the Customer’s consent before the end of the termination period (this applies to cases of provision of services and not to sales of goods),
b) audio and visual recordings and those stored on computer storage media after the removal of their original packaging by the Customer,
(c) contracts relating to price or remuneration, the price or remuneration of which depends exclusively on the movement of prices on the financial market,
d) a counterperformance having the characteristics specified by the customer in the order or having a close connection with the customer,
(e) a consideration which, by its nature, cannot be returned or is liable to deteriorate rapidly,
(f) the provision of press releases,
(g) gambling services.

Privacy protection

7.1. The administrator of the customers’ personal data is the Seller.
7.2 By placing an order, the Customer agrees to the processing of his/her personal data for the sole purpose of processing the order.
7.3 Personal data shall be processed in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation.
7.4. The customer has the right to access, correct and delete his/her personal data.
7.5 Details of the processing of Customers’ personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy available on the Shop website.

Intellectual property

8.1 It is forbidden to use any materials published on the Store’s website (including photographs and descriptions of goods) without the Store’s prior written consent.

Final provisions

9.1 These Terms and Conditions are subject to change, of which the Customer will be informed on the Shop website.
9.2 To Contracts concluded prior to the change of the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions in the version in force on the date of the Customer’s Order shall apply.
9.3 Any disputes arising in connection with the use of the Shop shall be settled by the competent Polish courts.
9.4 In matters not covered by these regulations, the applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply.
9.5 These terms and conditions shall enter into force on the day they are published on the Shop website and shall remain in force until further notice.