Conveyor belt for marbles

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The conveyor belt is a sensational addition to your collection that will bring extra interactivity to your play! This guarantees even more fun when constructing.

Why it is worth having:

  • Manual dial: If you want to take control, you have the option of controlling the tape manually. With the dial, you propel the marbles at your discretion, giving you complete control over the movement.
  • Easy to install: mounting the conveyor belt is simple and intuitive. In just a few moments you can attach it to your constructions and start an amazing adventure.

If you want the conveyor belt to be driven automatically, buy a motor for it!

With the conveyor belt, your constructions will take on a life of their own and your creativity will have no limits. Let the marble wander around your QUBTRIX track and forget about boredom.

Weight [g]: 164 g

Product code: Q.CONVEYOR

*You receive a pre-assembled conveyor belt, simply attach it to the QUBTRIX construction.



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 13 cm

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