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The DYNX family of bricks is a true engine of creativity, giving your constructions life and exciting new functionalities. The T-TURN DYNX is one such unusual piece that allows for fascinating changes in the direction of the rolling marble, thanks to a variety of paddles.

The T-TURN DYNX includes three indispensable paddles:

  1. The PIKE paddle allows you to manually change the direction of the marble – whether the marble goes right or left depends on the setting of the crossover.
  2. The ANCHOR paddle automatically changes the direction of the marble in an alternating manner – the first marble will be directed to the right, the next to the left, the third to the right again, the fourth to the left and so on.
  3. The HOOK paddle creates a mechanism in which the first marble follows one path and the paddle automatically switches, directing subsequent marbles in the opposite direction.

Install T-TURN DYNX in your constructions and let the marble go on extraordinary adventures full of surprising twists and turns! With this unique addition, your routes will be interactive, dynamic and engaging. Develop your creativity and play with QUBTRIX bricks on a whole new level!

Number of elements: 1x T-TURN DYNX block, 1x PIKE, 1x ANCHOR, 1x HOOK, 3x DYNX pin, 1x eco doypack

Product code: Q.01.014.1

Package size [cm]: 11 x 6,5 x 18,5

Weight [g]: 35