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Compose your own 3-PACK of QUBI kits!

Get 39 fascinating QUBTRIX blocks to bring your imagination to life and create endless ball tracks. This is not only an activity for children, but also for adults who want to express their creativity by designing extraordinary tracks.

In our offer you will find Qubi 1 and Qubi 2 sets. Just write in the comments to your order which sets you would like to receive and we will deliver them to your door!

Przykładowe zamówienia:
– „1x Qubi1 kit and 2x Qubi2 kit please”
– „I’m ordering 2 Qubi1 and 1 Qubi2”
– „3 Qubi1 kits please”

Don’t hesitate – reach for your QUBTRIX building block sets and give free hand to your imagination now!

Composition of Qubi 1: 13 QUBTRIX blocks (1x TOWER, 4x FAST STAIRS, 4x C-TURN, 1x SPINNER, 1x RAMP, 1x BASKET, 1x LINE), 3x glass marble in green, 30x pin, 1x quick-start guide, 1x lid-box

Composition of Qubi 2: 13 QUBTRIX blocks (1x TOWER, 4x FAST STAIRS, 3x 2C-TURN, 2x RAMP, 1x SPINNER, 1x BASKET, 1x HOLE), 3x glass marble in light blue, 30x pin, 1x quick start guide, 1x lid-box


Single package size [cm]: 18,5 x 15 x 5

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