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Expand your imagination and push the boundaries of creativity with the BOX L set. Create a variety of slides, long twisting paths and multi-track routes for moving marbles. Combine QUBTRIX wooden bricks with LEGO bricks and gain the ability to create hybrid constructions.

The BOX L set is an extraordinary box filled with bricks, created especially for construction enthusiasts. Fascinated by the moving marbles on the track, the youngest builders will spend hours full of joy and creativity exploring the endless possibilities of building with QUBTRIX wooden bricks. Youngsters and adults, meanwhile, will have the opportunity to combine different types of bricks to create unprecedented structures that will unleash their imagination and develop their construction skills.

Let QUBTRIX wooden bricks and your imagination create a story that will delight and inspire. Get ready for endless fun and flourish in a world of construction magic!

Number of elements: 76 QUBTRIX blocks (9x LINE, 13× C-TURN, 3× BASKET, 3x SPINNER, 4× RAMP, 12× FAST STAIRS, 3× TOWER, 2× BRAKE, 2× CROSS, 9× 2C-TURN, 1× T-TURN, 3× HOLE, 1× RIGHT JUNCTION, 1× LEFT JUNCTION, 2× TRIPLET, 1× STRIKE, 3× LINE STAIRS, 1× ZIG-ZAG, 1× HOPPER, 1× START-STOP, 1× T-TURN DYNX), 1x PIKE, 1x ANCHOR, 1x HOOK, 4x glass marble in green, 4x glass marble in cobalt, 4x glass marble in black, 90x pin, 3x DYNX pin, 1x wooden box

Product code: QUBTRIX_L.BOX

Package size [cm]: 33 x 25 x 15,5

Weight [g]: 4530