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The BOX XL set is the key to discovering extraordinary construction possibilities. Enrich your building experience and give yourself and your loved ones unforgettable adventures in the fascinating world of QUBTRIX!

Let the fun begin at an early age and continue throughout life. The BOX XL set offers an extraordinary variety of builds – tall, wide and complex. Whatever their age, everyone will find inspiration and a challenge that meets their creative expectations.

You can build multi-track and multi-level marble tracks, add LEGO elements and create wood and plastic structures. QUBTRIX is not only a toy, but also a work of construction art. The combination of LEGO-compatible wooden bricks of high build quality with an elegant box creates a product that stands out in the market.

Discover the magic of construction and meet the highest quality and artistic expectations with the BOX XL set. Allow yourself to create unique and beautiful buildings that will delight both you and all who see your creations.

Size of elements: 124 QUBTRIX blocks (13× LINE, 17× C-TURN, 5× BASKET, 5x SPINNER, 7× RAMP, 15× FAST STAIRS, 4× TOWER, 4× BRAKE, 4× CROSS, 11× 2C-TURN, 2× T-TURN, 5× HOLE, 2× RIGHT JUNCTION, 2× LEFT JUNCTION, 2× TRIPLET, 2× STRIKE, 5× LINE STAIRS, 2× ZIG-ZAG, 2× HOPPER, 2x FUNNEL, 2× START-STOP, 2× JUMPER, 2× START STAIRS, 1× RIGHT STAIRS, 1× LEFT STAIRS, 1X QUADROPORT, 1× TOWER HOLE, 3× T-TURN DYNX), 3x PIKE, 3x ANCHOR, 3x HOOK, 5x glass marble in green, 5x glass marble in light blue, 5x glass marble in cobalt, 5x glass marble in coffee, 150x pin, 9x DYNX pin, 1x wooden box

Product code: QUBTRIX_XL.BOX

Package size [cm]: 40 x 30 x 13,5

Weight [g]: 6880