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The C-TURN DYNX brick brings fascinating effects to your designs. By working in conjunction with the ARCH paddle, it gives you the ability to precisely control the speed of the marble as it passes through the turn.

C-TURN DYNX offers two possibilities:

  1. Inserting ARCH in position 1 will cause the marble to slow down for the duration of the turn, allowing for smooth and controlled cornering, and then accelerate when exiting the turn.
  2. Plugging in at position 2 will prevent the marbles from falling out when going fast through a corner, ensuring safe and stable play.

The C-TURN DYNX brick is an extraordinary extension of your construction possibilities, adding interactivity and dynamic effects to your routes. See for yourself how fascinating and unexpected actions you can achieve!

Number of elements: 1x C-TURN DYNX block, 1x ARCH, 3x DYNX pin, 1x eco doypack

Product code: Q.01.012.2

Package size [cm]: 11 x 6,5 x 18,5

Weight [g]: 43