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The MAMAVILLE set was constructed for the trade fairs in which we participate in large numbers. You can meet us in the attraction area and watch this set live!

29.10.2023 we will be in Kraków


What makes this set special?

The uniqueness of the MAMAVILLE set is reflected in the presence of up to 4 towers, which are a key design element. With them, you can create tall structures and also use them as supports and track extensions. It is the towers that provide stability and durability in any project, giving you confidence that your structures will be robust and safe.

But that’s not all! This set opens up a world of new experiences for you. Combine it with LEGO elements and start making even more creative constructions. Among other things, you can add an interactive lift that will deliver the marbles to your tracks and you can watch them traverse the route, adding a dynamic element to your builds.

Don’t wait any longer – start your adventure with QUBTRIX wooden bricks!

Number of elements: 36 QUBTRIX blocks (12× LINE, 6× C-TURN, 1× BASKET, 1× SPINNER, 2× RAMP, 7× FAST STAIRS, 4× TOWER, 1x HOLE, 1× T-TURN, 1× T-TURN DYNX), 1x PIKE, 1x ANCHOR, 1x HOOK, 5x glass marble in green, 5x glass marble in light blue, 90x pin, 3x DYNX pin, 1x jute bag


Package size [cm]: 30 x 40

Weight [g]: 2230

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