Yute L

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The Yute L set of wooden building bricks is the ideal way to bring joy not only to children, but also to youngsters and adults. Everyone has the opportunity to build their own routes, giving freedom to express their creativity.

With Yute L, you can create long and twisting marble tracks, complex mazes and impressive towers to provide an adventurous journey for the marble. This set also allows you to create intricate wood and plastic structures using both QUBTRIX and LEGO bricks.

Discover the endless possibilities of this kit and give vent to your creativity by building unique and dynamic structures. Get ready for unforgettable moments of fun and let your constructions come to life with Yute L!

Number of elements: 76 QUBTRIX blocks (9x LINE, 13× C-TURN, 3× BASKET, 3x SPINNER, 4× RAMP, 12× FAST STAIRS, 3× TOWER, 2× BRAKE, 2× CROSS, 9× 2C-TURN, 1× T-TURN, 3× HOLE, 1× RIGHT JUNCTION, 1× LEFT JUNCTION, 2× TRIPLET, 1× STRIKE, 3× LINE STAIRS, 1× ZIG-ZAG, 1× HOPPER, 1× START-STOP, 1× T-TURN DYNX), 1x PIKE, 1x ANCHOR, 1x HOOK, 4x glass marble in green, 4x glass marble in cobalt, 4x glass marble in black, 90x pin, 3x DYNX pin, 1x jute bag

Product code: QUBTRIX_L.YUTE

Package size [cm]: 40 x 55

Weight [g]: 3440