Yute M

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The Yute M set is a great option for all wooden bricks enthusiasts who want to start their building adventure. Whatever your level of experience – whether you are a beginner or an advanced builder – this set will be perfect for you.

With the Yute M set, anyone can create their own track on which the marbles will move with incredible speed and agility. You can create curvy routes, bridges, tunnels and much more. Let your imagination run wild!

What’s more, QUBTRIX bricks can easily be combined with LEGO elements, which opens up endless possibilities for creation and experimentation. Not only do you gain more construction variety, but you also expand your creative horizons. Combine the best of both worlds and enjoy even more elaborate constructions!

Number of elements: 35 QUBTRIX blocks (4× LINE, 11× C-TURN, 2× BASKET, 2× SPINNER, 2× RAMP, 9× FAST STAIRS, 2× TOWER, 1× T-TURN, 1× ZIG-ZAG, 1× START-STOP), 4x glass marble in green, 4x glass marble in cobalt, 60x pin, 1x jute bag

Product code: QUBTRIX_M.YUTE

Package size [cm]: 30 x 40

Weight [g]: 1765