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Whether you are a child or an adult, enter the fascinating world of QUBTRIX wooden building bricks. We offer the largest Yute XL set available, allowing you to explore the endless possibilities of creation.

Create, among other things, long and twisting marble tracks, multi-level tracks, as well as several-track paths along which the marble will gain speed. You can build bridges, tunnels, ramps, slopes and many other interesting elements to make the marble route even more fascinating. Add LEGO elements to your models and bring the whole structure to life.

Let your imagination run wild and try to create something completely unique. Trust your abilities and enjoy your creativity and our QUBTRIX wooden bricks will help you achieve your goals!

Number of elements: 124 QUBTRIX blocks (13× LINE, 17× C-TURN, 5× BASKET, 5x SPINNER, 7× RAMP, 15× FAST STAIRS, 4× TOWER, 4× BRAKE, 4× CROSS, 11× 2C-TURN, 2× T-TURN, 5× HOLE, 2× RIGHT JUNCTION, 2× LEFT JUNCTION, 2× TRIPLET, 2× STRIKE, 5× LINE STAIRS, 2× ZIG-ZAG, 2× HOPPER, 2x FUNNEL, 2× START-STOP, 2× JUMPER, 2× START STAIRS, 1× RIGHT STAIRS, 1× LEFT STAIRS, 1X QUADROPORT, 1× TOWER HOLE, 3× T-TURN DYNX), 3x PIKE, 3x ANCHOR, 3x HOOK, 5x glass marble in green, 5x glass marble in light blue, 5x glass marble in cobalt, 5x glass marble in coffee, 150x pin, 9x DYNX pin, 1x jute bag

Product code: QUBTRIX_XL.YUTE

Package size [cm]: 40 x 55

Weight [g]: 5750